Wednesday, September 13, 2017


For RedLine Milwaukee's annual Artist in Residence Exhibition "TimeLine 2017", my RedLine mentor Nirmal Raja and I worked on a temporary installation of delicate and ephemeral drawings on glass.

Chalk marker on glass
Cynthia Hayes and Nirmal Raja

These drawings have been sourced from a portfolio of prints housed in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee's special collections library. The portfolio titled Jeypore Portfolio of Architectural Details was prepared under the supervision of Colonel S.S. Jacob under the patronage of Maharaja Sawai Madhu Singh of Jeypore between 1841-1917. Hayes and Raja have been responding to these exquisite renderings of architectural details from northwestern India over the last few months as part of the Look Here initiative by the UWM libraries. Hayes and Raja are interested in exploring the decorative, historical and cultural nature of these architectural details by juxtaposing them with RedLine's industrial and urban architecture. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

A Series of Arbitrary Moments - Part I: Howrah at Night

Last year I traveled to Kolkata for a solo exhibition of my paintings. The home where I was staying was in a suburb about an hour long drive from the gallery, so I found myself commuting through Kolkata's sister city, Howrah, every evening.

The city shops came alive with a bustle of activity at night. 

I took many photos on these drives whenever my car would slow or stop in traffic. 

Crossing the Howrah Bridge over the Ganges River to the west bank nightly, I quickly became fascinated with the night life in Howrah.

The Bhimsain Hotel, Howrah Station Area  became an obsession of mine.

Traces of ornate lattice on the balconies show evidence of what a grand hotel this now crumbling landmark must have been.

One evening in Kolkata I had dinner with a a lovely, talented Norwegian guitarist, Oddrun, who was working on an album to be titled A Series of Arbitrary Moments. These photos are exactly that, so this photo essay is named in honor of that memorable evening with a new friend. 

I hope these images go deeper than the average tourist snapshot, and that you will find them of interest.

More arbitrary moments in West Bengal will be shared in another post.