Thursday, October 6, 2016

Moving into a New Painting Studio

The university where I teach art courses has classrooms and research facilities in a remodeled industrial building. I am excited to receive a key to an art studio in this beautiful building! 

Kenilworth Square, built in 1914, was originally a Ford Motor Company factory where Ford Model T cars were produced. 

Wisconsin Historical Society's records reveal that the building was a Ford assembly plant until 1942 when it was sold to the US government to be used for wartime production.

Kenilworth as it looked in the prior to the 2006 remodeling.

As I take a first peak at the studio, the helpful maintenance staff offer to move the furniture and polish the concrete floor.

Wow, these windows provide wonderful light -

and a view of a lovely Art Deco building across the street.

I can't believe now how great the shiny sealed concrete floors look. 

Installing the sound system is a priority.

Work surface set up. 

Brushes and pencils organized.

Canvases stretched. Ready to start a new project!

But first I must prepare to ship twenty paintings to Colorado for my solo exhibition.

I am fortunate to have a place to work.

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